Model series 450 - fortwo 1998 to 2006

  • The 450 series was the first smart ever. The smart fortwo was introduced in its production version in 1997 and then changed again due to the moose test so that it was wider. The first vehicles were delivered in 1998.

    The 450 was available at market launch as a coupe and shortly afterwards as a convertible. It was only available with a combustion engine powered by either a petrol or diesel. The petrol engines were available with 33 to 55 kW, the diesel engines were available with 30 kW. The engines themselves were developed by Mercedes specifically for the smart and later adapted for the roadster.

    Probably the most striking model of the 450 series is the smart Crossblade from 2002 and 2003. Without a roof, windshield and doors, it is probably the most impressive model of the classic smart series.

    From day one, the 450 series was intended as a platform for fully electric fortwos. The rear axle with the battery and motor was mend to be replaced because fast charging was not yet possible. In 2007 there was a test fleet of 100 vehicles that were converted to electric drive. These would later be known as ED1. More about this in the dedicated wiki area: smart ED1 (fortwo)

    The fact that the 450 series was intended to be electrical can only be seen on the speedometer of the production vehicle. There, the lamp for an empty tank is designed so that it can indicate both a gas pump and a charging station.

    The 450 series was replaced by the 451 series. Absolute professionals also differentiate as follows:

    • C450 -> coupe
    • A450 -> convertible (German: Cabrio)

    There is also a trilogy of articles on how the 450 series came to production:

    Die vier Generationen des elektrischen smart fortwo

    Die Geschichte des smart - Wie Prof. Johann Tomforde die smart-Marke aufbaut (feat. Nicolas Heyek)

    smart Crossblade


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