01-ED4 General

  • The ED4 has now become a real car. The fortwo and the forfour differ technically only in length. Battery, motor and everything else are the same, only the range of the forfour minimally smaller. How it held up the frist 100.000 km can be read in my blog post about it.

    ED or EQ?

    The so-called smart ED4 is based on the smart of the series 453 and was marketed from 2017 until mid-2018 as ED. Since mid-2018 it joined the Daimler's EQ family and is now referred to as smartEQfortwo, or forfour as smartEQforfour. Technically, nothing changed with the name change. So the smart EQ is also an ED4.

    Facelift or no facelift?

    With the facelift, the smartEQfortwo and the smartEQforfour got a new look in early 2020. Particularly striking is the now (visually) larger radiator as well as the new air intakes at the height of the cornering light. Technically, not much has changed, range remains the same. But there are now LED headlights, new designed taillights and an Apple CarPlay radio.

    From experience, I would give the smart ED4 as fortwo a realistic range of about 125 km (77 miles) and as forfour about 110 km (68 miles).

    ED4 von Seite (fortwo)

    smart 453 fortwo (2017 till 2024)

    Quantity: > 75.000

    Place of production: Hambach, France

    Consumption: 16,5 - 15,2 kWh / 100 km

    Range: 160km real 120km

    Charge time 4,6 kW (0 - 80 %): 3 h

    Charge time 22 kW* (0 - 80 %): 40 min

    Curb weight: 1095 kg

    Max. load: 215 kg

    Boot volume: 260 L

    Vehicle length: 2695 mm

    Vehicle width: 1663 mm

    Vehicle height: 1553 mm

    Wheelbase: 1873 mm

    Turning circle: 6,95 m

    Front gauge: 1469 mm

    Rear gauge: 1430 mm

    ED4 von Seite (forfour)

    smart 453 forfour (2017 till early 2022)

    Quantity: > 30.000

    Place of production: Novo mesto, Slovenia

    Consumption: 17,3-15,9 kWh / 100km

    Range: 160km real 110 km

    Charge time 4,6 kW (0 - 80 %): 3 h

    Charge time 22 kW* (0 - 80 %): 40 min

    Curb weight: 1200 kg

    Max. load: 370 kg

    Boot volume: 185 L

    Vehicle length: 3495 mm

    Vehicle width: 1665 mm

    Vehicle height: 1554 mm

    Wheelbase: 2495 mm

    Turning circle: 9,05 m

    Front gauge: 1467 mm

    Rear gauge: 1429 mm

    *This option is only available in Europe.

    In depth details:


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