04-ED4 Pre conditioning

  • The pre-air conditioning can be adjusted via app and the on-board computer. It's standard and works while beeing plugged in independent of the battery level and without with a battery level of > 45 %.

    If it is set to 8 am, for example, it begins to air-condition the interior at 7:50 am and does this until 8:05 am. Whether it needs to be heated or cooled, is automatically recognizes.

    In the summer it cools down to approx. 21°C with the standard air conditioning system and in winter it heats up the interior to approx. 21°C. When the pre heating is active, it's also heating up the battery. The heater is a 4kW PTC heater which, like the air conditioner, is directly connected to the HV battery via the HV mains.

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