08-ED4 Drive unite

  • Supplier: Renault

    Designation: R90 Excited 3-phase AC motor

    Power: 68 kW to 81 kW 92PS to 110 PS

    Max. Torque: 225 Nm

    Max. Number of revolutions: 12,000 1 / min

    air cooled

    These are the key data of the motor in the smart ED4, but not the key data of the smart ED4. But it's limited to 60 kW in the smart.

    If you want to experience the full performance of it, you would have to test drive a Renault Zoe (R240/R90/R110). But as that's way heavier, it still under-performances next to the smart.

    The smart ED4

    Continuous power: 41 kW

    Peak power: 60 kW

    Max. 160 nm

    Max. 130 km / h max. 11.200 1/min

    0-60km / h: 5,0 s

    0-100km / h: 11.5 s

    Gear reduction: 9.340 : 1

    The smart BRABUS Ultimate E

    Continuous power: 41 kW

    Peak power: 68 kW

    Max. 180 Nm

    Max. 130 km/h max. 11.200 1/min

    0-60km/h: -

    0-100km/h: 10,9 s

    Gear reduction: 9.340 : 1

    Technically, there should be no differences between the Brabus and the regular smart EQ. But the smart Brabus only come equipped with the 7,2 kW charger. But there are 3rd party companys, who've got tuningkits. They also work with 22 kW smart cars, here's a blog post with more about that.

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