09-ED4 OnBoard Charger

  • The smart ED4 is shipped from the factory with a 7.2 kW charger. In European left-hand driven countries it's limited to 4,6kW due to the unbalanced load. As a extra you can order a 22kW charger that's only available in Europe, in the US it is not possible to charge 22kW due to the lack of a three-phase power grid.

    Upgrading a car with the 7,2kW-charger to the 22kW is not possible.

    The 22kW charger is based on the chameleon charger by Renault, buthas been highly optimized so it's for example while charging with just 1-phase up to twice as efficient as in the Renault Zoe (R240 / R90). Due to the optimizations the 22kW-chamäleon charger, the smart is equipped with, is way more reliable than the Zoe.

    Standard charger

    Suppliers: Delta Electronics EMEA

    Designation: EOC72

    Input: 1-phase @ 32 A (100 V - 240 V)

    Output: 260 - 420 V

    Charger subject to surcharge

    Original: Renault, but clearly optimized by smart

    Designation: Chameleon charger

    Input: 1-phase or 3-phase @ 32 A (100 V - 240 V)

    Output: max. 410 VDC @ 80 A

    Ladekurve des ED4